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——High Quality IVD Raw Materials

Relaxin is a kind of polypeptide hormone that is produced by corpus luteum and placenta during canine’s pregnancy. The volume of relaxin increases with the increase of gestation. After delivery or spontaneous abortion, relaxin drops rapidly to an undetectable amount.For a 20 to 30dyas pregnant canine, its relaxin concentration in the serum is obviously increased compared to its unpregnant status (relaxin in unpregnant canine is nearly zero). So, relaxin can be a early indicator of canine pregnancy and also to detect its childbirth.
Gastrin 17(G17)
Gastrin 17(G17) is a type of polypeptide hormones secreted by G cells in gastric antrum. It could stimulate gastric acid secretion and nourish the gastrointestinal mucosa. In recent researches, G17 is found related to promote proliferation and inhibiting apoptosis. It is a meaningful indicator of the functional status of gastric mucosa, can be used to diagnose gastric cancer.


——Comprehensive Technical Service

Octec Platform

With BLI technology, Fortebio's Octec platform brings analysis information of molecular interation, including quantitative and dynamic information.


Molecular Biological Platform

We provide customized tecnical services on hybridoma sequencing and the construction of stable cell strains.

Customized Antibody/Antigen

As a professional company on antibody and antigen development, we own a mature technology of constructing stable cell line and experienced in mammal cell cultural culturing, we could make customized materials according to client’s requirement.



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